Bolton, UK Weather

Outdoor Indoor
Last Update:     24/Apr/2020 15:13:06 (stale data)   Last Update:     18/Apr/2020 10:03:20 (stale data)  
Startup Time:     11/Apr/2020 14:21:29   Startup Time:     07/Apr/2020 13:49:48  
  Firmware:     #29     Firmware:     #18  
  Temperature:     13.4 C     Temperature:     -3,276.7 C  
  Humidity:     18.7 %     Humidity:     6,553.5 %  
  Dew Point:     10.5 C     Dew Point:     (not recorded)  
  Pressure:     1,015 mb (falling-rapidly)     Pressure:     (not recorded)  
  Forecast:     Fairly fine, showers later          
  WiFi Signal:     -49 dBm (Very Good)  
  -49 dBm (Very Good)  
  WiFi Signal:     -47 dBm (Very Good)  
  -47 dBm (Very Good)  
  Battery:     3.02 v (1.90 %)  
  3.02 v (1.90 %)  
  Battery:     3.26 v (24.76 %)  
  3.26 v (24.76 %)  

Startup Time is the last cold boot of the device.
(power-on, or firmware update)

These weather stations are custom built based on Espressif's ESP32 microprocessors.
Temperature and Humidity readings are read via an AM2320 sensor.
Pressure readings are read via a BMP085 sensor.
Units are powered by a single 18650 Lithium Ion cell.
Voltage is monitored via ADC through a resistor divider.

Bolton Solar Charge Monitor

Last Update:     25/Dec/2020 00:09:25 (stale data)  
Startup Time:     16/Nov/2020 04:57:18  
Battery Voltage:     14.26 V  
Panel Voltage:     0.00 V  
  WiFi Signal:     -55 dBm (Very Good)  
  -55 dBm (Very Good)